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Florence Homes is undeniably the choicest destination to fulfil your dreams of an alluring home. Offering an expanded array of services from the terrace to the cellar, we are your one-stop solution providers with over 30+ years of experience!


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◈About Us


Florence Homes is a construction works company developing splendid residential projects in the luxurious areas of South Delhi, India. Inaugurated by Mr. Surjit Singh in 1991, Florence Homes has completed over 250+ projects with absolute finesse and style!

We work closely with you, the homeowners to understand your likings, preferences and budget to design the most innovative homes that surpass you expectations and leave you spellbound! Working with 100% commitment, we don’t build houses, we build admirable homes that compliment your lifestyle, safeguard your health and add to your happiness quotient.

With extreme passion of working in the construction industry and an excellent know-how of everything that is required to develop a masterpiece, Florence Homes is the absolute choice to design and develop your new home!

◈Why Us


We truly understand that building a home is one of the biggest investments you make for a comfortable and plush life. We also appreciate your desires of a home that reflects who you truly are!

Specializing in modern homes that seamlessly blend innovation with functional design, we work responsibly by keeping a keen eye to the minutest details and build the highest standard homes for you!